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Vu2 POP Eliminator Gen 1

SKU: hnhvu2pop

How do I eliminate the popping noise when using air ride on a harley bagger....well the answer is easy.  Another innovation from Hot Rods and Handlebars, with the Vu2 Pop Eliminator.  

The issue at hand is this, on harley davidson baggers with air ride that uses an accuair vu2 solenoid, and an amplified stereo system, there is an common issue where a loud popping noise is heard through the speakers when using the air ride buttons.  Normally when the bottons are pushed or released, is when you hear this massively loud popping noise.  

We are releasing this plug and play solution just for this problem, and this is how it works.  

Simply unplug your vu2 from its exsisting harness thats installed on your motorcycle, and plug in the pop eliminator pigtail inline with using the prewired plugs that come with it.   Done!  

Now you can use your air ride without hearing loud popping noises coming out of your stereo system.


Installation time is fast and easy, no cutting, no soldering.   Used by many of the nations biggest bike builders.  

*This does not elminiate other noises coming through the stereo just through the air ride switches.