Single 8" Speed Ring Speaker Adaptors

Single 8" Speed Ring Speaker Adaptors

SKU: hnhsr8

Want to add speakers to your Harley Davidson Bagger, without all the hassle of making custom one off speaker adaptor plates?   Want better volume and sound quality from your motorcycle stereo system?  We are pleased to offer speed rings as a solution for adding speakers in saddlebags on harley davidson streetglides, roadglides, and roadkings.  

The single 8 speed ring is contoured to fit the inside of the saddlebag so that you can mount an 8 Inch speaker towards the front of the bag.  Leaving room in the rear of the bag for storage, like gloves, small helmets, etc.

These are a "Glue-In" ring and designed to be bonded to the saddle bag using an industrial grade epoxy.  We recommend using 3m panel bond, 4240 (Fast) or 8115(Slow), using the appropriate gun applicator.

You have the option of cutting the entire section of the bag out, or drilling small holes to let the sound out of the bag.   We recommend using a router attached to a table, and using a flush trim bit to cut the holes out of the bags.   Do to the custom nature and the extensive tools necessary, we recommend have an experienced fabricator do the installation, as the specialized tools and materials are just beyond the scope of the Do it Yourself'er.



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    As of right now the only bags that we know for sure that the speed rings do not fit, is Insane Asylum Bags.   

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