PRV 10MB400

PRV 10MB400

SKU: 10MB400-4

PRV Audio's 10MB400-4 delivers powerful midbass response and smooth extended midrange response with power and reliability to handle pro audio and high output audio demands.   This has become the go-to subwoofer of choice in the motorycle industry.  

The tight powerful bass response, and midrange volume achieved is exceptional and works great in open air enviroments and pro audio applications.  

Reinforced steel frame keeps cost down without sacrificing durability2" copper voice coil with vented pole piece for continuous high power handlingHigh efficiency and high power handling for incredible SPL capabilitiesPaper cone and cloth surround for natural response with minimal resonance

  • Technical Specs.

    Nominal Diameter    10″ (254 mm)
    Nominal impedance    8 Ohms
    Rated Power Handling    200 Watts
    Program Power    400 Watts
    Sensitivity 2.83V at 1m    97 dB
    Recommended Hi Pass Crossover**
    **For Full Power Handling    95 Hz**
    **12db Per Octave Crossover
    Frequency Response at -10dB    65 – 4,000 Hz
    Voice Coil Diameter    2″ (50 mm)
    Voice Coil Wire    Copper
    Voice Coil Winding Depth    14.0 mm
    Former Material    Kapton
    Magnetic Gap Depth    6.8 mm
    Frame Material    Stamped Steel



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