HHI 4-Piston Direct Bolt-on Caliper

HHI 4-Piston Direct Bolt-on Caliper

Hawg Halters, Inc. offers a complete line of impressive 4 piston brake calipers for the H-D aftermarket engineered for maximum braking performance and show quality looks. Manufactured from 6061 billet aluminum, all of our front calipers are a direct bolt on for 1984 and up models except the Springer. Billet aluminum has better strength to weight ratio compared to cast aluminum and direct bolt on provides the most rigid and cleanest attachment method of mounting.

Our latest introduction is the 500 series differential bore 4 piston caliper. Engineered from the ground up, it features a smaller diameter piston at the lead-in of the rotor and a larger piston on the trailing side. The design causes an equalizing of the heat distribution throughout the brake pad to rotor interface which in turn provides optimum friction dynamics. In addition, the differential bore ratio and total volumetric displacement are correctly sized to promote the best brake caliper response and brake lever feel.
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    The other major design change is the incorporation of dual piston seals. What this does is provide each piston with 2 layers of protection, a special wiper seal that prevents contamination from attacking the main pressure seal thereby promoting long term leakproof operation. In addition, this new sealing system improves piston pullback which reduces brake pad drag on the rotor.

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