Dual 10" Speed Ring Speaker Adapters

Dual 10" Speed Ring Speaker Adapters


Big Wheel Baggers and Custom Harley Touring bike owners are looking for the easiest way to crank up the tunes. Hot Rods and Handlebars has come to the rescue with our newest product.... the SPEED RINGS (PATENT PENDING) These are the easiest way to install dual 10 Inch woofers in your saddlebags on Harley Touring Motorcycles. These installation rings are available for midbass and subwoofer speakers, that dont exceed 4.5 inches of depth


 There are some special considerations when using the dual 10 speed rings....the first is that both saddlebag mounting pins are completely covered up by the speakers....this means that to get your saddlebags off, you will have to remove the speakers first, but with the super tight space left over from the speakers, is easier said than done.   

Lastly because of the new release of this design we have not had time to verify clearance with specific bag lids and speakers in bag lids.  You will have to verify that during mock up.  

Dual 10s are currenlty only available for 13-down harley touring baggers.

  • Note:

    Speed Rings need to be bonded to the saddlebags with an industrial grade epoxy, that is not included.

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