3m Panel Bond 4240 with Tips

3m Panel Bond 4240 with Tips

SKU: hh-4240-40as
3m Panel Bond Adhesive 4240 is a two part epoxy based adhesive used to bond panel together.  Panels such as bond on side covers and stretched tank skins for harley davidson touring bikes.  

The 4240 Model is a FAST cure time with a working time of 30 SECONDS, and 30 minutes dry to the touch, and fully cured after 2 to 4 hours.  

We recommend using this bonding agent when you can quickly place the panels on. and then can be taped or secured in place and left alone.  Because of the short dry time, a new tip will have to be used after each panel in placed.  Tips are non re-usable.   

If a more slower more workable dry time is desirable then we suggest ordering the 3m 8115 model, as it has a working time of 1hour and is fully cured in a 24 hours.   

This is a two part tube, and can be used without an epoxy gun, but a gun is recommended to get even amounts of both parts for maximum consistency.   Sometimes available for rent at local auto parts stores or purchases for $110 more.
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