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Hot Rods and Handlebars

2205 W. Dickman Rd
Springfield, MI 49037

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Hot Rods and 


Dan Thompson- Owner/CEO


Building custom bikes and cars from a young age has given Dan a life long weatlh of knowledge and experience.  This wealth translates to the  drivine force for Hot Rods and Handlebars.  "Quality, fit, finish, and detail is where we stand out from the rest..."   

Dan has built many cars, trucks, and bikes over the years, which has allowed him to take all that knowledge and appy it to the big wheel bagger industry.  "Once you ride a Harley, there's nothing else like it..."


Robert Thompson- Sales/Operations Manager


Growing up on the back of a Harley Davidson, Robert has logged more miles on a bike by the age of 16 than most adults.  "I've been in the garage helping my father build custom cars and bikes since I could walk, it's in my blood..."  
Robert is a knowledge base that spans all things with a motor and wheels, which helps him run day to day operations, sales, and processing of orders for Hot Rods and Handlebars.  "I like to help people find the products that they need quickly, which requires that Im well versed in not only our products that we carry, but many products across the industry..."

Melody Needham- Operations and Facility Manager


The back bone of Hot Rods and Handlebars, Melody brings organization and creates harmony out of chaos.  From bike assembley, to refinishing clear coat to an impressive shine, Melody does it all.  "I love the bikes, and the effort that goes into making them...."



Drew Barlond- Lead Painter and Fabricator


Coming from the aerospace industry, Drew brings fabrication skill sets to Hot Rods and Handlebars, with an attention to detail worthy of flight.  "I love the process of taking nothing and turning it into a rolling piece of artwork..."

From welding to wiring, to prepping and painting, and even upholstery, Drew is staple in the fabrication of top end big wheel baggers.  "When i'm painting, i'm in my own world, in my element....." 

Art Solis- Airbrush Artist and Fabricator


Custom painted graphics on motorcycles have been a part of custom bike building since the beginning.    Art brings custom airbrushing to Hot Rods and Handlebars custom big wheel baggers.  

Well versed in electrical theory, Fabrication, and more, Art pulls all of his talents into making sure that Hot Rods and Handlebars stays at the forefront of technology and business.