10" Speakers

Adding a subwoofer or a mid bass woofer to your system will add dramatic low end bass reproduction that will give you that surround sound feel that everyone will enjoy.  Browse our large selection of subs here. We carry 2 types of 10 inch woofers to get your car or truck or motorcycle thumping in no time.  Midbass woofers will give you great upper frequency bass, while still playing commanding vocals, and volume.  These work great on motorycles and other power sports equipment like boats.   We also offer SUB woofers, which play super low and give you that deep low bass rumble that you are familiar with. 


With our wide selection of car subwoofers in different styles, configurations and wattage outputs, this section has a car subwoofer for everyone. Also be sure to check out our wide selection of car subwoofer boxes and loaded subwoofer enclosures.

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